Personal Banking

We offer several products to meet your personal checking needs. You can choose the product that’s best for you!

Personal Checking Accounts

Shelby Total Checking

Best for no interest paid

No ATM refunds

$25 Minimum to Open

$7.50 Minimum Service Charge

No service charge with E-Statements

See new account representative for full disclosures that may apply

Contact your local branch to apply

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High Interest Kasasa Cash

Best for High Balances

6.17% APY

on balances up to $20,000

6.17% - 1.24% APY 

on balances over $20,000

depending on balance in account

0.02% APY 

if qualifications are not met

Refunds on ATM Withdrawal Fees Nationwide

up to $25 per statement cycle

$25 Minimum to Open

No Fees or Monthly Service Charge

See new account representative for full disclosures that may apply

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Kasasa Cash Back

Best for Debit Card Use

2.00% Cash Back

on debit card purchases

Must be posted on your statement, up to $8 per statement cycle, no restrictions on purchases

Refunds on ATM withdrawal fees nationwide

up to $25 per statement cycle

$25 Minimum to Open

No Fees or Monthly Service Charge

See new account representative for full disclosures that may apply

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Personal Savings Accounts

Statement Savings Account

All depositors eligible

Unlimited Transactions in Person

Electronic Transfers are restricted to six per month

$10 Quarterly Service Charge

Minimum balance of $25 for no quarterly service charge

Checks are not allowed

Interest is compounded daily and credited quarterly

$25 Minimum to Open

See new account representative for full disclosures that may apply

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Kasasa Savers Account

Kasasa Checking Required

Unlimited Transactions

No Monthly Service Charge

Interest Compounded Daily and Credited Monthly

$25 Minimum to Open

See new account representative for full disclosures that may apply

Contact your local branch to apply

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Personal Loans

Looking to renovate your house, buy a new vehicle or just take an unplanned vacation? A loan from Shelby Savings Bank may be the solution. Review the personal loan choices and talk to one of our experienced loan officers to apply.

Home Equity LoanPersonal LoansAuto LoansLot Loans
(Ready to Build)
Purpose For home improvements, vacations, buying a car - just about anything!
See our loan Calculators for payment information.
When you need money for something that's important to you. Allows financing of new or late-model cars. For improved lots in developed areas so you can get started on your home.
Benefits Receive the funds up front for your home improvement needs! Available as secured loans with fast, local decisions and quick approvals. Pre-qualify for your loan and shop like a cash-buyer. Loans available for purchase or refinance.

Shelby Savings Bank Home Loans

When it’s time to buy, build, or refinance a home, choosing the best loan can be difficult. Our loan professionals make it easy. We’ll take your financial goals and future plans into consideration, clearly explain all your options, and then help you find the mortgage loan that best meets your needs. We’ll work with you to choose a due date that avoids conflict with other monthly payments, and we offer convenient payment options, including automatic deduction from any Shelby Savings Bank checking or savings account. Apply online here.

Residential Purchase | Refinance | New Construction | Home Improvement | Home Equity Loans

Contact your local branch to apply today!

Consumer Loans

Your needs are as unique as you are. That’s why Shelby Savings Bank offers loans that fit your life. Whether you have your eye on your dream car or you’re planning the perfect family vacation, we can give you the purchasing power you need through our variety of consumer loan options.

New and Used Auto Loans | Boat or Jet Ski Loans | Recreational Vehicle Loans

Contact your local branch to apply today!

Personal CDs

With a certificate of deposit, you can earn interest on as little as $1,000. Our CDs will earn you a competitive interest rate based on the current market conditions. We offer flexible maturities from ninety days to five years with a $1,000 minimum to open. CDs are automatically renewable at maturity. No fee is involved. All depositors are eligible. We offer premium interest for longer terms. There is a substantial penalty for early withdrawal.

Individual Retirement Accounts

A variety of IRAs are available to allow qualified wage earners to build a substantial retirement fund or to save for other future investments. Qualified individuals may be allowed a tax deduction for their contributions. ROTH IRAs are also available. Minimum to open is $100. We offer premium interest for longer terms. There is a substantial penalty for early withdrawal of all IRAs.

Traditional IRA
Used for Retirement Savings
Roth IRA
Used for Retirement Savings
Contributions Contributions may be tax deductible depending on your income, marital status, and whether you have a retirement plan at work. Contributions are not tax-deductible.
Withdrawals Taxes are deferred on the interest you earn and withdrawals are taxed as ordinary income. Interest earned and withdrawals may be income-tax free and IRS penalty-free. See one of our account representatives for more information.

Personal Debit Cards

Simplify your life with an EMV (Chip enabled) Shelby Savings Bank MasterCard® Debit Card, the quick, easy and worry-free way to pay for your purchases. Use your Shelby Saving Bank Debit Card wherever MasterCard® Debit Cards are accepted. It's as simple as using a credit card, and allows you to use the money in your checking account without the hassle of writing a check.

  • Use wherever MasterCard® Debit Cards are accepted
  • Also functions as an ATM card for both Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Account statement includes the date, location and amount of every debit card transaction
  • Security safeguards include your own personal identification number
  • Use our Card Control feature to be alerted of purchases and restrict purchases to combat fraud
  • Sign up with MasterCard® SecureCode to protect you against unauthorized use while shopping online or at participating retailers.
  • Come see us and you can walk out with your debit card the same day you open your account.

Safety Tips

  • Make a record of card numbers, expiration dates and phone numbers. Keep this record in a safe place, separate from where you keep your cards. Use this information when you report cards lost or stolen.
  • Never put your account number or PIN on the outside of an envelope or a postcard. Write down the toll-free emergency number and keep it with you, but separate from your card.
  • Never give your debit or credit card number over the phone unless you've made the call.
  • Don't sign a blank charge slip unless absolutely necessary.
  • Tear up carbons from slips and save receipts.
  • Always check receipts against your monthly statements. Report any errors within 60 days of the statement mailing date.
  • Check all ATM receipts against bank statements.
  • Carry only the cards you need, especially when traveling.
  • Choose a personal identification number (PIN) that's different from other obvious numbers, like your phone or Social Security number or your birthday.
  • Memorize your PIN and don't write it on anything in your wallet.


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Personal Online Banking

Shelby Savings Bank offers simple and secure access to all your accounts, wherever you are and whenever you need it, with online banking. Check balances and review account history online, and then download the data into spreadsheets or personal financial management programs. Pay bills and set up recurring payments for mortgage or loan payments with a few clicks of the mouse. Electronic statements are provided online in a Portable Document Format (PDF), and can be pulled for each account up to 18 months from the current statement cycle once you set up e-statements.

Shelby Savings also offers business customers the ability to add sub-users, and customize their access to business accounts as well as direct deposit payroll via ACH. Talk to your new account representative about online business banking with Shelby Savings Bank.

Shelby Savings utilizes state-of-the-art firewall systems and tight physical security to keep data secure. In addition, our core processor maintains an exemplary disaster recovery plan.


  • One-site banking for balance inquiries, history data and bill payment
  • Integrated real-time history of deposits, withdrawals, checks posted, etc.
  • Complete money management: account transfers, external account transfers, automatic deposits, bill payment
  • Near 24-hour real time access
  • Check image viewing and image manipulation
  • Electronic Statements
  • Advanced Security and Notification options
  • Mobile Deposit (app only)

Always on the go? No problem! Shelby Savings Bank also offers a web based mobile banking option for your smart phones. Using your smart phone, just go to There you can check balances, account histories, transfer money within your Shelby Savings Accounts, and pay bills using our bill pay system. This service is free to all customers (data charges may apply).

Shelby Savings Bank also offers an app for both your Apple and Andriod phones.  Go to the mobile banking page for download links.  Using the app, you can check balances, account histories, transfer money, pay bills, deposit your checks using our new mobile deposit feature.